They are giving importance to the customer and it will be proved by their everything. They have done with the type of construction as RCC framed structure. This is to mainly make it act as earthquake resistant. The exterior finish was made with permanent finish with stone cladding, composite aluminum sheet, glass curtain walls and texture paint finisher. The internal finish is done with stone or vitrified tile. The textured paint is given towards it. The common spaces in walls are done with plastering and CBO painted. In order to ensure quality, the doors and windows are done using patch fitting and U Clips. The flooring is done with polished and granite finished. The normal qualified water pipe is fixed in toilets. The flooring is done by ceramic tiles. You will see high-quality CP fittings and accessories. A number of areas are done with ventilation and the ventilation applied areas are parking, service area, and kitchen.  The lighting is done in all areas and its type is façade lighting. Using electrical spectrum, they have made an uninterrupted power supply with 1005 power back up. The ISI electrical wiring and outlets are being used in separating each shop.