Floor Plans


Good Floor Plans is very important for apartments. In order to impress people with first look, apartment is given with full preference of customer. If you want to buy 2 BHK, then you can take a look at the floor plan given below.


2 BHK:


You will find upstairs way in outside. After that, you will find lobby. At the right side of lobby, you will find kitchen room. After the kitchen, you will find bed room attached with toilet. After your few steps by foot, you will find dining room. After the dining room, you will again find bed room. Outside of the bed room, to just some steps to left, you will find out the toilet. The balcony is being attached with the bedroom.


3 BHK:


It will impress people with three large enough sized bedrooms. Initially, you will find wide passage. At the first entrance, you will reach living room. At some steps to sideward, you will reach kitchen. If you move from kitchen, you will find dining room. Once you start to move sideward to the dining room, you will find bed room. Two balconies will impress you.  After a bed room, you will find another two bed rooms. Both of them are being attached with the separate toilets.


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